Kitchens seem to be on everyone’s minds… Every new contact I have talked to in the past few days wanted to either update their existing kitchen or has requested a customized new kitchen.

And it is not a surprise- kitchens are the heart of a home. Typically, it is also the largest financial investment you will make in your home. So, thoughtful planning, careful budgeting and extensive research are critical to have a kitchen that is functional, is beautiful, and is welcoming!

Let me share with you a kitchen that really works!

Here is what the kitchen looked like before:

And here is the new “after”, in white and warm-gray color palette. The new kitchen, presents plenty of closed storage to keep the kitchen organized and hide the clutter that always accumulates, and offers large counter space for cooking and food preparation.

We added frosted glass, lighting, great hardware, and a warm-toned subway tile backsplash that gave this room a lovely glow and a fresh look.


We put new gray tile flooring that matched perfectly the earth-toned granite (gray is still a big color trend in design). It looks gorgeous with all that light flooding in. Heated floor system, was a golden resolution to the two contradictory wishes of wife and a husband:  hardwood or tile floor

We opted for peninsula instead of an island for better traffic flow. Deep drawers in peninsula serve as a filing cabinet (no more desk!). 

And don’t forget about color! and personal touches!, like these kids’ drawings (above) that create a perfect wall gallery….


Altogether, we created a perfect kitchen the family needs to enjoy meals and conversation, and entertain in comfort and style!!

So what do you think? Do you like the outcome of this remodeled kitchen? Does this make you want a kitchen remodel? Feel free to share this post with your design-loving friends, especially if they are dreaming of a kitchen renovation.

Happy Weekend!